The 3 Vital Steps To Achieving Financial Freedom Online

Everyone dreams of becoming financially free. With the technology of the internet more and more people are living that dream. There are lots of ways to make money on the web and in this article I will tell you about one off them. This method is most probably the easiest and cheapest way to put you on the road to financial freedom. It has worked for me and I can almost guarantee www.gangstarvegashackcheats.club/gangstarvegashack/ you that it will work for you.
1. Create a Website
If you don’t have a website then I strongly recommend that you get one. There are lots of companies on the web offering free web hosting but you will only end up with a website that will be cluttered with the company’s banners and ads. That is why they are hosting your site for free because they earn revenue from the ads they put on your site. Too many banners and ads on a site will distract visitors in such a way that it will be quite difficult for them to focus on what you have to offer. Having a free site will also leave you with a sub domain name. Sub domain names usually don’t rank well on the major search engines and believe me that if you want to make money on the internet you will need your site to rank well on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo because that is where all the people are. It is well worth it rather paying for your own website that has got no bannners and ads from the hosting company. Don’t fret about spending some penny’s because by following these 3 steps outlined here your income will by far exceed your expenditure. I personally recommend you get your website hosted by Lunar Pages. Their prices are very affordable and they are rated number 1 in the industry. Next you should decide on a topic for your site. It should be something that most people are usually interested in for example employment, work from home etc. Whatever topic it may be, just make sure you add lots of black ops 3 hack online original quality content. The more the better.
2. Join an Affiliate Program
There are literally hundreds of affiliate programs on the internet. All you need to do is go to sites like AffiliateGuide.com or Commission Junction and sign up for a program that suites the topic of your site. By far the most popular of these is Google Adsense. When you join the Adsense program you will be able to display Google ads on your site and get paid for it every time a visitor clicks on it. The reason for this is that advertisers pay Google every time someone clicks on the ads and then you, the publisher gets paid a percentage of that fee. The amount you get paid depends on how much the advertisers are willing to pay Google per click. The ads will be related to whatever your site topic may be so it will only increase the chances of someone clicking on the ads.
3. Increase Your Website Traffic
In order for your site to become successful in generating a healthy income you will need lots of traffic. There are lots of ways to do this. One is to submit your site to as many search engines as possible. SubmitExpress lets you submit your site to 40 search engines for free. Another effective method is to write an article and briefly mention your site. Submit your article to as many e-zines and article directories as possible. Check which sites similar to yours ranks high in the major search engines and try to contact the webmasters and ask for a link exchange. You can also go to FreeViral or TrafficSwarm black ops 3 hack and sign up for a free account. Both systems let you generate targeted traffic to your website through the use of viral marketing. Getting lots of traffic to your site is not an easy task. It will take some time and effort before your site will lift off. Perseverance is the key word. If you can master that quality, then you are well on your way to financial freedom.

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Treat Constipation With Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is a common health complication that originates in the digestive tract. The symptoms of this complication may include irregular bowel movement, insufficient emptiness of bowel etc. The most common among all symptoms of constipation is infrequent, irregular or difficult removal of the hard faecal matter.
Additional symptoms of constipation may include a layered tongue, stinking breath, appetite loss, dizziness, dark circles under eyes, headache, mouth ulcer, sense of fullness, pimples, lumber region, heart burn, insomnia, acidity, depression and many other related complications. One may suffer from chronic constipation, if he or she suffers mobile strike cheats from high blood pressure, appendicitis, cataract, arthritis, rheumatism, and subway surfers hack ios cancer.
There are various remedies available for treating constipation problem; however, one may count on home remedies for constipation treatment as well. This article focuses on various types of home remedies for constipation and their unique features.
Treat constipation with Bael fruit
If you are suffering from constipation, it is advisable that you eat Bael fruits. It is an excellent laxative. An adult can take approximately 60gms of this fruit to avoid constipation problem. Some people eat banana for treating their constipation; however, modern scientific studies strongly discourage this idea. It is recommended that you should not eat jackfruit if you are suffering from constipation. Except these two, most of the other fruits including Bael fruit can be effective during constipation.
Hence, these fruits can play a key role in home remedies for constipation. It functions by cleaning and toning up the intestines. Regular and prolonged use of 2-3 months of time can ensure a significant degree of removal of accumulated faecal matter from intestines. While applying as home remedies for constipation, you should use it in its original form before your meal.
Treat constipation with Pears
Pears are considered as one of the best home remedies for constipation problem. Only one single pear taken at the time of dinner or breakfast can do all the wonder in normal case. However, for the chronic constipation problem, one may need to eat one pear regularly or may drink pear juice everyday to get rid off the problem.
Treat constipation with Guava
Guava fruit is loved by many individuals, irrespective of their age or location. It also offers effective home remedies for constipation. When it is eaten with seeds, it offers roughage effect to the diet, helping the clearing of the bowel wastages. A regular use of one or two guava can be beneficial in treating constipation.
Treat constipation with Grapes
You could rarely find people who do not like eating grapes. Grapes, rich with different nutritional qualities, offer you good solution for constipation problem. It contains organic acid, sugar and cellulose that make it a unique product for fighting against constipation naturally. It is beneficial for chronic constipation problem as well. If you are suffering from chronic constipation problem, you should eat 350-400gms of grapes to have the desired effect.
Treat constipation with Orange
If you can eat one or two orange before you sleep at night, it can offer you an excellent solution for clearing super mario run hack tool your bowel in time. It has the ability to stimulate the bowels and it also helps preventing the buildup of colon wastages.
Treat constipation with Papaya and Figs
If you eat half of a papaya daily in your breakfast, it can function effectively as a natural laxative. You may also add figs in your daily routine to get rid off the problem of constipation. You can use either of dry or fresh figs; both of them are beneficial as an effective laxative.
Treat constipation with Spinach
Since ages, spinach is well respected among the mass for its ability for cleansing, reconstructing and regenerating of the intestinal tract. If you can have 100ml raw spinach juice on regular basis, you will be free even from most aggravated form of constipation within few days. It is really effective for any sort of constipation problem.

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Recovered Memories

Recovered memories have been defined as the phenomenon of partially or fully losing parts of memories of traumatic events, and then later recovering part or all of the memories into conscious awareness. They have also been defined as the recollections of memories that are believed to have been unavailable for a certain period of time[1]. There is very strong scientific evidence that recovered memories exist.[2] This has been shown in many scientific studies. The content of recovered memories have fairly high corroboration rates.
Scientific evidence
There are many studies that have proven that the recovered memories of traumatic events exist. Brown, Scheflin and Hammond found 43 studies that showed recovered memories for traumatic events[3]. The Recovered Memory Project has collected 101 corroborated cases of recovered memories[4]. Hopper’s research shows that amnesia for childhood sexual abuse is “beyond dispute.” He states that “at least 10% of people sexually abused in childhood will have periods of complete amnesia for their abuse, followed by experiences of delayed recall” [5] In one study of women with previously documented histories of sexual abuse, 38% of the women did not remember the abuse that had happened 17 years before.[6] Most recovered memories either precede therapy or the use of memory recovery techniques[7]. One studied showed that five out of 19 women with histories of familial sexual abuse either forgot specific details or had “blank periods” for these memories[8]. Another study showed that “40% reported a period of forgetting some or all of the abuse”[9]. Herman and Harvey’s study showed that 16% of abuse survivors had “complete amnesia followed by delayed recall”[10]. Corwin’s individual case study provides evidence of the existence of recovered memories on videotape[11].
Other researchers state:
Research has shown that traumatized individuals respond by using a variety of psychological mechanisms. One of the most common means of dealing with the pain is to try and push it out of awareness. Some label the phenomenon of the process whereby the mind avoids conscious acknowledgment of traumatic experiences as dissociative amnesia. Others use terms such as repression, dissociative state, traumatic amnesia, psychogenic shock, or motivated forgetting. Semantics aside, there is near-universal scientific acceptance of the fact that the mind is capable of avoiding conscious recall of traumatic experiences.[12]
A body of empirical evidence indicates that it is common for abused children to reach adulthood without conscious awareness of the trauma[13]
Corroboration rates
Many studies show high corroboration rates for recovered memories of traumatic events. These rates vary from 50 – 75%[14], 64%[13], 77%[15], 50%[16], 75%[17] 68%[18] 47%[9], and 70% [19]. One study showed amnesia in 12 murderers, with “objective evidence of severe abuse…obtained in 11 cases”[20]. There are also additional studies showing the corroboration of recovered memories[21][22][23][24].
1. What about Recovered Memories? Jennifer J. Freyd, University of Oregon ~jjf/whatabout.html
2. Research discussing corroboration and accuracy of recovered memories: An Annotated Bibliography by Lynn Crook ~jjf/suggestedrefs.html
3. Brown, Scheflin, & Whitfield. (1999). Recovered Memories: The Current Weight of the Evidence in Science and in the Courts Journal of Psychiatry & Law, 27, 5-156. “Brown, Scheflin and Hammond reviewed 43 studies relevant to the subject of traumatic memory and found that every study that examined the question of dissociative amnesia in traumatized populations demonstrated that a substantial minority partially or completely forget the traumatic event experienced, and later recover memories of the event. By 1999, over 68 studies had been published that document dissociative amnesia after childhood sexual abuse. In fact, no study that has looked for evidence of traumatic or dissociative amnesia after child sexual abuse has failed to find it.”
4. The Recovered Memory Project
5. Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse – Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources by Jim Hopper “Amnesia for childhood sexual abuse is a condition. The existence of this condition is beyond dispute. Repression is merely one explanation – often a confusing and misleading one – for what causes the condition of amnesia. At least 10% of people sexually abused in childhood will have periods of complete amnesia for their abuse, followed by experiences of delayed recall.”
6. Williams LM (1994). Recall of childhood trauma: a prospective study of women’s memories of child sexual abuse. J Consult Clin Psychol 62: 1167–76. PMID 7860814. “One hundred twenty-nine women with previously documented histories of sexual victimization in childhood were interviewed and asked detailed questions about their abuse histories to answer the question “Do people actually forget traumatic events such as child sexual abuse, and if so, how common is such forgetting?” A large proportion of the women (38%) did not recall the abuse that had been reported 17 years earlier.”
7. Andrews, B., Brewin, C., Ochera, J., Morton, J., Bekerian, D., Davies, G., and Mollon, P. (1999). Characteristics, context and consequences of memory recovery among adults in therapy. Brit J Psychiatry 175:141-146. “Of a total of 690 clients, therapists reported that 65% recalled child sexual abuse and 35% recalled other traumas, 32% started recovering memories before entering therapy. According to therapists’ accounts, among the 236 detailed client cases, very few appeared improbable and corroboration was reported in 41%. Most (78%) of the clients’ initial recovered memories either preceded therapy or preceded the use of memory recovery techniques used by the respondents. Techniques seemed to be used more to help the clients to elaborate the memories than to facilitate their initial recovery. Clients with whom techniques had been used before the first reported memory recovery were no less likely to have found corroborating evidence than clients with whom no techniques had been used before memory recovery.”
8. Bagley, C. (1995). The prevalence and mental health sequels of child sexual abuse in community sample of women aged 18 to 27. Child sexual abuse and mental health in adolescents and adults. Aldershot: Avebury. “Study of women 18-24 years who had been removed from home 10 years previously by social services due to intrafamilial sexual abuse. Of the 19 women for whom there was evidence of serious sexual abuse, 14 remembered events corresponding to their records. Two remembered that abuse had taken place but could recall no specific details, and three had no memory. Two of the last three described long blank periods for the memory of childhood corresponding to the age when abuse had taken place.
9. Feldman-Summers, S., & Pope, K. S. (1994). The experience of forgetting childhood abuse: A national survey of psychologists. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62, 636-639. “A national sample of psychologists were asked whether they had been abused as children and, if so, whether they had ever forgotten some super mario run hack tool or all of the abuse. Almost a quarter of the sample (23.9%) reported childhood abuse, and of those, approximately 40% reported a period of forgetting some or all of the abuse….Of those abused, 40% did not remember at some time. 47% had corroboration. 56% said psychotherapy aided in recall. Differences between those who first recalled abuse in therapy and those who recalled it elsewhere were not significant.
10. Herman, J. L., & Harvey, M. R. (1997). Adult memories of childhood trauma: A naturalistic clinical study. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 10, 557-571. “Roughly half (53%) said they had never forgotten the traumatic events. Two smaller groups described a mixture of continuous and delayed recall (17%) or a period of complete amnesia followed by delayed recall (16%). Patients with and without delayed recall did not differ significantly in the proportions reporting corroboration of their memories from other sources.”
11. Corwin, D.; Olafson E. (1997). Videotaped Discovery of a Reportedly Unrecallable Memory of Child Sexual Abuse:Comparison with a Childhood Interview Videotaped 11 Years Before Child Maltreatment 2 (2): 91–112. doi:10.1177/1077559597002002001
12. The Leadership Council – Trauma and Memory
13. “True” and “False” Child Sexual Abuse Memories and Casey’s Phenomenological View of Remembering Joanne M. Hall, Lori L. Kondora – American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 48, No. 10, 1339-1359 (2005) DOI: 10.1177/0002764205277012 “Research shows that 64% of adult women childhood sexual abuse survivors had some degree of amnesia regarding the trauma; but in the majority of cases, corroboration was available to verify that abuse had occurred (Herman & Schatzow, 1987). Of 129 women with recorded histories of childhood sexual abuse, 38% did not recall the abuse that had been clearly verified and documented decades earlier. This lack of recall was especially likely among those abused at younger ages and among those whose perpetrators were known by them at the time of the abuse (L.Williams, 1994). In fact, a body of empirical evidence indicates that it is common for abused children to reach adulthood without conscious awareness of the trauma (Briere, 1992; Herman, 1992; Schetky, 1990; van der Kolk et al., 1996).”
14. Corroboration of Child Abuse Memories “Studies vary in frequency. Between 31 and 64 percent of abuse survivors in six major studies reported that they forgot “some of the abuse.” Numbers reporting severe amnesia ranged from under 12% to 59%….Studies report 50-75% of abuse survivors corroborating the facts of their abuse through an outside source.”
15. van der Kolk, BA & R Fisler (1995), “Dissociation and the fragmentary nature of traumatic memories: Overview and exploratory study”, J Traumatic Stress 8: 505–25 “a systematic exploratory study of 46 subjects with PTSD which indicates that traumatic memories are retrieved, at least initially, in the form of dissociated mental imprints of sensory and affective elements of the traumatic experience: as visual, olfactory, affective, auditory and kinesthetic experiences. Over time, subjects reported the gradual emergence of a personal narrative that some believe can be properly referred to as “explicit memory”….Of the 35 subjects with childhood trauma, 15 (43%) had suffered significant, or total amnesia for their trauma at some time of their lives. Twenty seven of the 35 subjects with childhood trauma (77%) reported confirmation of their childhood trauma.”
16. “Recovered memories of abuse among therapy patients: A national survey.” Pope, Kenneth S.; Tabachnick, Barbara G. Independent practice, Norwalk, CT, US Ethics & Behavior 1995 Vol 5(3) 237-248 “about 50% of the patients who claimed to have recovered the memories had found external validation, a percentage that coincides with that obtained in the Feldman-Summers & Pope, 1994 study”
17. Herman, J L.; Schatzow E (1987). Recovery and verification of memories of childhood sexual trauma. Psychoanalytic Psychol 4. “Three out of four patients were able to validate their memories by obtaining corroborating evidence from other sources”
18. Kluft, RP (1995). The confirmation and disconfirmation of memories of abuse in Dissociative Identity Disorder patients: A naturalistic study. Dissociation 8: 253-8. “Nineteen, or 56%, had instances of the confirmation of recalled abuses. Ten of the 19, or 53%, had always recalled the abuses that were confirmed. However, 13 of the 19, or 68%, obtained documentation of events that were recovered in the course of therapy, usually with the use of hypnosis. Three patients, or 9%, had instances in which the inaccuracy of their recollection could be demonstrated.”
19. Westerhof, Y., Woertman, L. Van der Hart, O., & Nijenhuis, E.R.S. (2000). Forgetting child abuse: Feldman-Summers and Pope’s (1994) study replicated among Dutch psychologists. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 7, 220-229. “In a replication of Feldman-Summers and Pope’s (1994) national survey of American psychologists on ‘forgetting’ childhood abuse, a Dutch sample of 500 members of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) were asked if they had been abused as children and, if so, whether they had ever forgotten some or all of the abuse for some significant period of time. As compared to the 23.9% in the original study, 13.3% reported childhood abuse. Of that subgroup, 39% (as compared to 40% in the original study) reported a period of forgetting some or all of the abuse for a period of time. Both sexual and non-sexual physical abuse were subject to forgetting, which in 70% of cases was reversed while being in therapy. Almost 70% of those who reported forgetting also reported corroboration of the abuse.”
20. Lewis, D., Yeager, C., Swica, Y., Pincus, J. and Lewis, M. (1997). Objective documentation of child abuse and dissociation in 12 murderers with dissociative identity disorder. Am J Psychiatry, 154(12):1703-10. “Signs and symptoms of dissociative identity disorder in childhood and adulthood were corroborated independently and from several sources in all 12 cases; objective evidence of severe abuse was obtained in 11 cases. The subjects had amnesia for most of the abuse and underreported it. Marked changes in writing style and/or signatures were documented in 10 cases. CONCLUSIONS: This study establishes, once and for all, the linkage between early severe abuse and dissociative identity disorder.”
21. Martinez-Taboas, A. (1996). Repressed memories: Some clinical data contributing toward its elucidation. American Journal of Psychotherapy, 50(2), 217-30. “the author presents two well documented and corroborated cases of dissociated or delayed memories of child sexual abuse in patients with a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The patients had absolutely no conscious memory of their childhood abusive experiences and in both cases the author obtained definite and clear cut independent corroboration of the realities of the abuse. The amnesia was documented and memories were recovered in the course of treatment.”
22. Viederman M. (1995). The reconstruction of a repressed sexual molestation fifty years later. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 43(4): 1169-1219. Reconstruction of a previously completely repressed memory of sexual molestation. Six years following termination of analysis, the patient wrote a letter describing a confirmation of the event, now sixty years past, from the sole other survivor of the period who had knowledge of what had happened.
23. Bull, D. (1999). A verified case of recovered memories of sexual abuse. American Journal of Psychotherapy, 53(2), 221-224. “a 40-year-old woman with no history of mental illness and ten years of exemplary professional work, recovers memories of childhood sexual abuse by her father through a call from her youth pastor in whom she had confided as an adolescent.”
24. Dahlenberg, C. (1996, Summer) Accuracy, timing and circumstances of disclosure in therapy of recovered and continuous memories of abuse. The Journal free xbox live codes of Psychiatry and Law. “Seventeen patients who had recovered memories of abuse in therapy participated in a search for evidence confirming or refuting these memories. Memories of abuse were found to be equally accurate whether recovered or continuously remembered.”
1. Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (D. Corydon), 1998, “Memory, Trauma Treatment, And the Law” W. W. Norton (0-393-70254-5)
2. Knopp, F. H. & Benson, A. R. (1996) A primer on the complexities of traumatic memory childhood sexual abuse; a psychobiological approach. Brandon, VT : Safer Society Press
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5. van der Kolk, B. A. & Fisler, R. (1995) Dissociation and the fragmentary nature of traumatic memories: Overview and exploratory study.
6. Whitfield M.D.,C. Memory and Abuse – Remembering and Healing the Effects of Trauma Health Communications, Inc 3201 SW 15th St, Deerfield Beach, FL.33442-8190.
7. Whitfield M.D.,C. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 4, 2, 1997, Brunner/Mazel.Inc. c 1997, Traumatic Amnesia: The Evolution of Our Understanding From a Clinical and Legal Perspective
8. Whitfield M.D., C. Traumatic Amnesia: The Evolution of Our Understanding From A Clinical and Legal Perspective(Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, 4(2), 3-34, 1997)
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10. Widom, C. and Shepard, R. (1996). Accuracy of adult recollections of childhood victimization: Part 1. Psychological Assessment, 8(4), 412-421. “accuracy of adult recollections of childhood physical abuse was assessed. Two hour in-person interviews were conducted in young adulthood with 1,196 of the original 1,575 participants. Two measures (including the Conflict Tactics Scale) were used to assess histories of childhood physical abuse. Results indicate good discriminant validity and predictive efficiency of the self-report measures, despite substantial underreporting by physically abused respondents.”
11. Widom, C. and Shepard, R. (1997). Accuracy of adult recollections of childhood victimization. Part 2. Childhood sexual abuse. Psychological Assessment 9: 34-46. “A prospective study in which abused and neglected children (court substantiated) [N=1,114] were matched with non-abused and neglected children and followed into adulthood. There was substantial underreporting of sexual abuse, when compared to court and medical records. Victimization recall was checked by comparing crimes disclosed in victimization surveys found in police records.”
External Links
1. Recovered Memory Data
2. Recovered memory corroboration rates

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Attract Insects To Your Garden

Is your plot your sanctuary? If so then how can you advance others to touch you? Frogs, birds and insects all must a home and with minimum stab you can induce them into your backyard and sentinel them help you swear it. Birds, frogs and insects are all critical for a balanced system in your patch. They can help keep mice at bay and your flora and plants to show. All that these creatures must, like the rest of us, are food and shelter.

Birds counter well to feeding throughout the year but particularly in the coldness, when untreated foods are scarce. Foods with a high fat subject, as well as the familiar bird seeds embrace in the colder months. You can buy unusual bird feeding fat blocks, or just melt Check our website lard into a mould. Nuts have a high fat content too and the more pied your offerings, the more diverse the birdlife you are apt to magnetize.

The only difficulty with donation food to birds is the squirrels may come along too. They are greedy and incredibly adept at leaping off trees and fences against bird tables so dangle your bird feeder from a special extremity. And if the squirrels master that, you may have to regularly compose the push with oil or WD40 to make it too slippery for them to climb.

Birds will also enjoy foods that happen sincerely in your garden. Worms are of course a favourite, but also berries and fruits go down well. If you are budding fruits for your own enjoyment, these may essential to be sheltered from both birds and insects with mesh or shiny killing objects.

Amphibians that are native to the UK contain frogs, toads and newts. These can be very practical in cold down on mice and their lifecycle from produce to tadpoles to adult is fascinating to witness. If you want to interest them then you’ll require to present a well of still water for breeding – a small millpond is idyllic. It’s a good idea to have a gentle slope rising out of the water so the offspring frogs can set covet fashion hack tool online base on dry land easily. Birds dearest to eat these children click this site creatures so some shelter in adjacent shrubbery will help keep the numbers up.

Amphibians hide during the frost so again they will necessary shelter to do this unharmed. A manure heaped, stake of firewood or stones are trendy. Other good hibernation acne included spaces under bushes and hedges. It’s best to escape cleaning out your pool if you can, as sometimes amphibians like to hibernate at the bottom!

A pool will not only draw amphibians, but some interesting insects too. Water skaters, snails, dragonflies and water beetles are all mutual pool inhabitants and will help to conceive some well biodiversity in your garden.

An entirety scale of insects live in our gardens at any one time but doubtless the most trendy are butterflies. Butterflies like to get nectar from clumps of flora developed in sunny, sheltered places. Some butterflies such as small tortoiseshells, peacocks and cabbage whites are relatively painless to attract. Others are migratory and lean to come from early Spring to recent Summer to breed, but then delay the UK for the winter. These include painted woman and red admiral.

Even with the right planting it’s very stubborn to get butterflies to lay eggs and breed in gardens. Suitable conditions for larva to nourish are notoriously grueling to remake so it’s best to concentrate on attracting visiting butterflies fairly than tiresome to create a breeding ground.

There are a very large number of flowers the butterflies like. Some of the most shared include buttercups, clovers, dandelions, thistles, marigolds, wallflowers and fresh williams. Herbaceous plants that they favour include dahlias, elephant’s ears and sphere thistles. And if you want to plants bushes then select blackberry, lavender, sage and heather.

With a combination of a pond and some well thought out planting, together with a birdfeeder and amply of shelter your garden can become a retreat for animals.

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How to Put Games on your TI

I figured this out by reading a lot on the Internet. Here is one of the best places to get games. For instructional purposes I will show you how click more details .

After you downloaded Ion and put it on your calculator press the “PRGM” key and youll see the three programs, execute the first one and it should say “Ion installed.”

After that press second and the the plus key then 2 then 7

then go over the three programs and press enter so that there is a star next to it. If there is a star next to it then it is archived. The good thing about the archive is that you have more space in your RAM and if your RAM is deleted your archive is not. I really recommend you dont download ion. instead of downloading ION, download doors cs. just search it on google and you should find a place where you can download it. its basically the same thing as ion but its more organized and easier to use. once you have download it on your calculator just go to your applications and select it.

btw if you get a syntax error you are not downloading the games properly. you need to open the compresed file, read the instructions more carefully

oh and make sure you backup your files on your computer using ti connect. i am almost cretain you will have to redownload everything at some point. sometimes something will mess up on the calculator and corrupt data. if something bad happens and your calculator starts to function improperly immediately erase everything ont the calculator to prevent any perminent dammage to your calculator. if you dont know how do delete everything press the love this website 2nd button, press the + button with mem wriiten above it in blue or purple. srry im colorblind, scroll down the page with the arrow buttons and select 7: Reset., now at the top of the screen it should say RAM ARCHIVE ALL, press the share more details right arrow twice so ALL is highlited, hit enter, now it should have a last warning about what will happen if you delete everything and select RESET. now your calculater should only do math problems so just hook it up to the computer and restore everything that was origionally on there.

i hope this will help some people and if you have a question or need help on something just tell me. I have downloaded many games on my calculator and have had it for about a year now. just make sure your questions are about the games on the calculator, i barely know how the math solving part works:)Wow it has been forever since I made that post, or used the 84 Plus. I had no idea a backlit color version came out. I’m honestly kind of jealous lol. I looked up some videos on YouTube to quickly see how it worked and noticed a couple comments saying how the Puzz Pack, an app that came with all 83/84 models, doesn’t work on the Plus C calculator. Unfortunately what that means is programs coded for the Plus C are coded differently from 83/84/84 Plus games. Simply put, all games for the previous models of calculators are incompatible with your calculator and will not run on it. You will have to download applications specific to the Plus C.

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Why Are Sprouted Grain Breads Healthier Than Whole Wheat Breads?

Grains are probably one of the healthiest foods that we have access to click more details on the planet. They are chock full of Omega-3s and also provide a great daily amount of fiber and roughage to support digestive health.
One category of grains is becoming more and more popular with each passing month that’s even healthier than its competition. These are called sprouted grains, and there’s a pretty big difference between normal grains and sprouted grains, not only nutritionally but in taste as well.
There are three main differnces between whole grains and sprouted grains:
1) Sprouting activates essential enzymes in food
2) Sprouting increases the amount of vitamin content
3) Sprouting neutralizes anti-nutrients, like phytic acid, which constrict the body’s ability to fully absorb nutrition.
Let’s compare nutritinal information for a sec. Examining nutrition density on a calorie-by-calorie count, you’ll find that sprouted wheat contains four times the amount of niacin, nearly twice the amount of Vitamin B6 and folate, more protein, and less starch than non-sprouted wheat. It’s also lower on the glycemic index, so those who follow a diabetic diet or watch blood sugar levels will be happy to start trying sprouted grains.
Sprouts, as well as being easily digestible, are also an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. For example, sunflower sprouts are high in vitamins A and C, while mung bean sprouts are high in vitamin C, iron, and potassium. A lot of seeds are high in phosphorus, a mineral used for alertness, increased mental abilities, healthy bones, and strong teeth.
Ordinary grains, seeds, and nuts are “germinated” during the sprouting process. When this happens, their nutritinal value instagram followers free changes — but they all keep their essential plant enzymes, boosting the body’s metabolism with all the extra vitamins and minerals present. The enzymes aid in digestion within the small intestine. Sprouting also retains additional nutrients that would otherwise be eliminated during cooking.
Sprouted grains, seeds and nuts also encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system, known as probiotics. They help keep the colon clean and are very high in protective antioxidants.
Ordinary wheat products can cause a lot of problems in one’s digestive system, causing mucous buildup, allergic reactions, and even constipation. This limits the body to be able to absorb the nutrients it needs. However, even with sprouted wheat, these negative effects can often be eliminated. A lot of wheat-intolerant people are able to handle sprouted wheat bread products because the starch is only converted to simple sugars. It’s a lot easier to break down.
Another easy option is flourless bread, made from grains and legumes that have been sprouted before grinding into flour. This ground flour has increased nutritional value since the grain and legume seed is first sprouted, giving it a live and active growth process before becoming the consistency of flour.
Some sprouted grain breads actually retain a sweeter taste, because sprouting changes some of the starch to sugar. The bread is moist and made without any yeast. It can also accomodate low sodium diets with little to no salt added. One thing to get used to is that sprouted breads are usually denser, allowing baked fruits inside to spread throughout the dough instead of sinking to the bottom. It’s very common more information to see varieties like sprouted cinnamon raisin bread.
Sprouted grains and grain breads do qualify as “live food,” and that’s because they are made of ingredients in the most unrefined stages possible. No highly processed flours, no nutrients stripped of the grain and then added to the bread later on — it’s all a natural process.
For the most part, sprouted grain companies use organic ingredients in their products, grown without pesticies and herbicides. They have a low glycemic index of about 45 and are also low in saturated fats.
There are many, many benefits to trying sprouted grains in your diet. It’s optimum to good digestive health and tastes great, too. Sprouted products are usually made from wheat, millet, or spelt. You can use the sprouts on a salad, eat them as they are, or grind them into flour for your next baking project.

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How To Raise Your Company’s Innovation Quotient (IQ)

Many people confuse creativity with innovation. Creativity is the ability to bring forth new ideas. Innovation is the transformation of selected ideas into improved processes, marketable goods and services. It is the conversion of ideas into profits that is the essence of innovation. Creativity or the power of idea creation is simply the starting point. This brings us to the key point – it is innovation, not creativity that ultimately matters.
What is Innovation Quotient?
There are many creative companies with high C.Q (Creativity Quotients) , the measurement of the average number of ideas generated per employee. The problem is that many of these high C.Q companies suffer from low I.Q gta 5 hack cheats tool ( Innovation Quotient). I.Q. is the measurement of the percentage of ideas that can evolve into tangible applications that bring about improved performance and better profits. The challenge therefore is how to create the conceptual conveyor belt that transports chosen ideas to implementation leading to innovation.
Any Company Can Raise Its I.Q
Any company can raise its I.Q. What then is standing in the way of companies that fail to innovate?
In many cases, it is their tried-and-true formula that brought them past successes could become their greatest enemy of innovation. This is because businesses with a winning formula are understandably hesitant to change. Over time, every business model and every strategy goes stale. Indeed, the lifespan of successful business strategies has been rapidly declining in this era of fast technological changes and intensive competition. Recognizing and acknowledging this fact is the first step towards raising your corporate I.Q.
Another major obstacle to innovation is the lack of Creative Leadership. Jack Welch, former chairman of G.E’s who has proven his credentials as a Creative Leader has this to say: “Today’s hierarchical structure, giving the CEO control over strategy, organisation and information creates an organisation with its face toward the CEO and its ass toward the customer.”
A truly creative leader sets an example for openness and imagination and assessment of ideas from any quarters irregardless of rank, file and age or source, whether internal or external. A creative leader creates the conditions where human ingenuity can flourish.
Principles of Innovation
According to Margaret J. Wheatley , a creativity consultant and a professor of management innovation means relying on everyone’s creativity based on her belief that organizations are living systems rather than machines. She outlines six principles on the human dimension for innovation.
1. Meaningful Engagement
If we want people to be innovative, we must discover what is important to them, and we must engage them in meaningful issues. The simplest way to discover what’s meaningful is to notice what people talk about and where they spend their energy. Put ideas, proposals, and issues on the table as experiments to see what’s meaningful to people rather than as recommendations for what should be meaningful to them. No two people see the world exactly the same way.
2. Encourage Diversity
By encouraging diversity in an organization, innovative solutions are being created all the time since different people do things differently. There is a high probability that the innovation that the company needs is already being practiced somewhere in that system. Failure to encourage unique and diverse ways of doing things will destroy your company’s capacity to adapt.
3. Involve anyone who is interested
Involve anyone who is going to be affected by change to contribute ideas to bring about a better organization. Those who are not invited may rebel or pixel gun 3d hack ios worse still sabotage the entire process.
Most people are smart. They can figure ways to get around company’s policies which they dislike. Some even create their own networks and system. Fighting them may be futile. By engaging them, system your company can harvest the invisible intelligence that exists throughout your organization.
4. Unity in Diversity
The cacophony of diverse opinions frequently shares a common purpose. This common purpose is what binds the people together. As people discover something whose importance that they share, they will want to work together, no matter what their differences are initially.
5. People Will Always Surprise Us
Listening to colleagues — their diverse interpretations, their stories, what they find meaningful in their work — always transforms relationships. The act of listening to each other always brings people closer together. It is important not to attach any label to anyone. Some people may not be likeable or behave in a way that could be considered odd. However, by listening intently, they could surprise you with their talents. It is only by working together all of you will be able to achieve you’re your common dream.
6. Rely on Human Goodness
People want to help. People want to contribute. Everyone wants to feel creative and hopeful again. As leaders, as neighbors, as colleagues, it is time to turn to one another, check here to engage in the intentional search for human goodness.
Innovation comes more from the heart than the head. Companies must involve all its people and tap into their creative energies that takes into account the human dimension of encouraging diversity, sharing a sense of purpose and recognizing that each person is talented unique individual. When people are part of a cause and not just a cog in the wheel, your corporate IQ ( innovation quotient ) will zoom.

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Forgive Yourself First!

A shocked silence hung over the conference room. Barry (not his real name), usually a compassionate and even-tempered vice president, had just loudly berated one of his managers during a staff meeting. The accused manager was looking down at his hands with a reddened face and the other managers’ jaws had dropped at this unusual display of emotional mismanagement. Barry quickly ended the meeting and hurried to his office. Later, he told me about the situation. “I was at the end of my rope, Kristin. My son is having terrible health problems and I had been up most of the night worrying about him and about work. I shouldn’t have lost my temper. How can I ever forgive myself or make it up to that manager?” As his coach, I told him that self-forgiveness is an important managerial practice, and that he had an opportunity to model good self-care to the rest of the team. He decided to apologize in person to the manager and made a public apology at the next staff meeting. Then he and I worked on ways for Barry to forgive himself.
You probably can relate to Barry’s situation. Everyone has multiple instances in their past that beg for self-forgiveness. Here are some self-forgiveness opportunities you might experience:
- You blame yourself for being laid-off or not getting a promotion
- You are angry at yourself for having to learn by making mistakes (like saying something hurtful, sending out an inappropriate email, doing something unethical)
- You deeply regret harm that you caused someone else
- You are caught in a cycle of self-talk that endlessly repeats, “I shoulda, simcity buildit hack no root coulda, woulda”
- You regret lost opportunities to create harmony or show love, such as losing your temper at work or missing your daughter’s soccer game
- You aren’t ready to forgive someone else
Naturally, your first step in self-forgiveness is to take responsibility for what you did. That means that you make amends for any harm you created, and do your best to right any wrong. You might have to apologize to the person you hurt, or reap the natural or legal consequences of what you did (such as paying a fine, going to court, losing a job, not closing a deal, and more). Taking responsibility is the mark of a mature individual.
However, if you think you need self-forgiveness, you already, by definition, realize the part you played in the situation and are aware of your responsibility. This awareness is positive, king of mortal kombat x hack online thieves hack ios and you must give yourself a pat on the back for being accountable for your actions.
Then, you deserve your own forgiveness. Remember that forgiveness is achieving a feeling of neutrality toward the situation and not feeling surge of negative emotions when you think about it. Self-forgiveness is part of exquisite self-care, in which you fulfill your own needs and take full responsibility for your own happiness.
The seven-step process of forgiving that I describe in my new book, A Forgiveness Journal: Letting Go of the Past, works for both forgiving others and forgiving ourselves. Some of the highlights of the process include identifying your feelings, gaining perspective and blessing yourself.
- Identify your feelings
You must express your feelings such as regret, anger, sadness, blame and resentment. Emotions that are buried or stuffed away never die – they only cause One effective way to do this is to write about your feelings, perhaps starting your sentences with “I am angry about blank” or “I feel regret about blank”. The great thing about writing is that it is entirely private – no one needs to see what you write. One of my coaching clients types his journal entries on his computer and purposely does not save his writing, so there is no chance of anyone finding or seeing what he wrote.
- Gain Perspective
Are you even going to remember this incident at the end of your life? If not, then you realize the relative insignificance of this event. Were there good things that came out of the experience for you? List any positive outcomes. What would the benevolence of Source energy say about this? Source does not judge you but can only extend love, just as a loving parent extends loves to a wayward child. As a spiritual teacher once told me, “We must extend to ourselves the same compassion that we extend to others.”
- Bless Yourself
Understanding that you did the best you could under the circumstances, you can let go of your self-judgment and bless yourself instead. Every time you think of the situation, consciously redirect your thoughts away from “I shoulda…” and choose to practice self-love by saying, “I honor my true essence” or “I bless myself”.
Changing the world starts with changing yourself. There is a wonderful ripple effect that happens when we change our interior perspective. Our actions start lining up with our thoughts, and people begin to react differently to us. As Gandhi so famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Practice self-forgiveness to create a more forgiving world.

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Olympic Ticket Prices 2012

Ticket prices for the 2012 Olympic Games are now available. The 2012 Olympic ticket prices range between $96 and $1,400 with opening ceremony tickets ranging between $38 and $3880.

London announced that despite the vast difference in 2012 Olympic ticket prices, the majority (90%) would be under $200. March 2011 is the set date for when the Olympic tickets will go on sale. Dont fret too much about not being able to get a ticket because there will be 8.8 million available!

The 2012 London Olympic boom beach cheats ticket organizing committees spokesman Seb Coe said, have three clear principles for our ticketing strategy: Tickets need to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, tickets are an important revenue stream for us to fund the Games and our ticketing plans have the clear aim of filling our venues boom beach cheats to the rafters.

In an amusing twist, London is celebrating itself for hosting the 2012 Olympic Games by having the highest costing tickets for the Olympic opening ceremony be 2012 pounds ($3880). Congratulations to them for hosting the Games.

It will be interesting to see if London can outdo China in their opening and closing Olympic www.boombeachhackcheatz.xyz ceremonies. Chinas large scale and extremely grand ceremonies are what many remember when they hosted the Olympic Games. So are you planning on purchasing your own 2012 Olympic ticket for the London event?Olympic Ticket Prices 2012

Ticket prices for the 2012 Olympic Games are now available. The 2012 Olympic ticket prices range between $96 and $1,400 with opening ceremony tickets ranging between $38 and $3880.

London announced that despite the vast difference in 2012 Olympic ticket prices, the majority (90%) would be under $200. March 2011 is the set date for when the Olympic tickets will go on sale. Dont fret too much about not being able to get a ticket because there will be 8.8 million available!

The 2012 London Olympic ticket organizing committees spokesman Seb Coe said, have three clear principles for our ticketing strategy: Tickets need to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, tickets are an important revenue stream for us to fund the Games and our ticketing plans have the clear aim of boom beach hack tool online filling our venues to the rafters.

In an amusing twist, London is celebrating itself for hosting the 2012 Olympic Games by having the dominations cheats tool highest costing tickets for the Olympic opening ceremony be 2012 pounds ($3880). Congratulations to them for hosting the Games.

It will be interesting to see if London can outdo China in their opening dominations cheats hack tool and closing Olympic ceremonies. Chinas large scale and extremely grand ceremonies are what many remember when they hosted the Olympic Games. So are you planning on purchasing your own 2012 Olympic ticket for the London event?

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How To Prolong Ejaculation ?3 Tips To Prolonging Ejaculation

If you are looking for a way to prolong your game of war fire age hack ios ejaculation, then this article is just for you. We鎶 discuss a few good techniques you can use right away to prevent premature ejaculation and we鎶 also take a quick look at what you can do to get a more permanent solution.

First, let鎶?take a look at very good emergency technique:

The 鎻昽wer Stop Spot?br />
In the middle of your anus and scrotum (or testicle area) is a soft point you should press firmly, when you feel you are just about to ejaculate.

Pressing here will stop anything from coming out and you just need to wait a few seconds and you are you are ready again?br />
The 鎻宨gher Stop Spot?br />
If you know that it鎶?about time to do something but you cannot use the above technique, firmly press the tip of your tongue against the pixel gun 3d hack ios roof of your mouth and move it around in circular motions. Even though this is a very simple technique, it鎶?very effective in bringing down your arousal level?br />
The Breathing Technique

This is not as much an emergency technique as the other two, but something you must do, right from the beginning. Focus on breathing slowly and controlled. Try to keep focus on the sensations of your breathing rather than the other sensations you experience.

Finally, you could also use very thick condoms to numb your penis.

All of the above techniques are 100% covet fashion hack cheats tool natural and doesn鎶?require pills or other medicine and you can use these without any preparation at all (except for the use of a condom).

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